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Put Your Trust in a John Deere Chain Saw

With all of the different chain saw brands out there, it is only normal to feel a bit daunted when the time comes to purchase the right one. With all brands, it is important to choose one that has a great reputation. A John Deere chain saw is a reliable tool that people have trusted for many years.

The John Deere Chain Saw Comes from a Respected Company

The John Deere Company was first formed by John Deere in 1868. Originally known as Deere & Company, it has expanded from what once was a blacksmith shop for one man into one of the oldest industrial companies in the United States with over 40,000 employees.

John Deere chain saws are not the only thing that this company sells. In fact, John Deere is divided into four different divisions for manufacturing. Those divisions include Construction and Forestry Equipment, Power Systems, Agricultural Equipment, and, for landscapers, Commercial and Consumer Equipment.

All About John Deere Chain Saws

There are at least eight John Deere chain saw models in existence, and when it comes to if the chain saw is more durable or more lightweight, there are at least 21 different combinations to choose from. The smallest bar size for John Deere chains saws is 14 inches, and from there bars can go up to 28 inches.

An example of a popular John Deere chain saw is the C56 Pro Series Chain Saw, which is the best in its class in regards to its power-to-weight ratio. It weighs 12.6 pounds, and is considered a professional saw that can easily start in all types of weather. It is designed for cutting trees, tree limbs, and firewood,

Other features that the C56 Pro Series Chain Saw has are ones that are particularly appealing to environmentalists. This chain saw requires oil, and often other brands of chain saws will leak, which is damaging to the environment. However, this John Deere chain saw will not leak oil while it is idle, which conserves oil and is better for the environment at the same time.

John Deere chain saws can be found at local hardware stores or online through its official website. Prices vary according to the make, but in general the prices are expensive. However, if money is no option and a chain saw is needed to cut a tree or firewood, then a John Deere chain saw is an excellent choice.

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